Tech and Well-Being at Work: Stress Less, Perform Better – How Can Technology Help?

Cyrus Campbell
Cyrus Campbell
UX/UI Designer
4 Ideas for Combining Technology and Well-Being in the Professional Environment
Tech and Well-Being at Work: Stress Less, Perform Better – How Can Technology Help?

Well-being and Technology:

The majority of people spend a third of their lives at work. Can technology, omnipresent in our daily lives, contribute to our well-being? We sincerely believe that the creative intervention of technology can transform our professional environment, making our work not only productive but also enjoyable.

1. Stress Management Applications

Recognising and effectively managing stressful moments is crucial to creating a healthy work environment. Faced with this challenge, stress management applications are emerging as practical solutions. They offer meditation sessions, sleep tracking tools, breathing classes and various other relaxation techniques.

Here are 4 of our teams favorites : Headspace, Petit Bambou, The Mindfulness App and Balance.

2. Ergonomic Solutions

It's time to review our work equipment to improve both our well-being and our productivity. Adopting ergonomic solutions such as standing desks and balance chairs, in combination with advanced technology, can significantly transform our workspace. Not only do these innovations help us say goodbye to the pain associated with long working hours, but they also play a crucial role in preserving our physical health. Have you ever thought about self assessing your work station ergonomic? Here is a checklist to help with that.

3. Break Rooms

Take a break. Seriously, take a break. You can set a reminder in your calendar. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon to take a break. It is a simple way to use tech to help you feel better at work.

4. An Innovative Activity

A fun way to use tech to stress less would be to set up a step counting competition between employees. This will not only encourage them to take breaks, but talk amongst each other and add to team cohesion.

Conclusion: The evolution of requirements. It's possible to combine tech and well-being

In short, technology can, in clever and revolutionary ways, create a work environment that not only increases productivity, but also puts employee well-being at the heart of its concerns. The union of technology and workplace well-being is not only a possibility, it is a necessary evolution for happy and healthy professionals in an ever-changing world. Want to know more about our way of combining well-being and technological evolution? Meet here.

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