Elevate Gym Fun

Transform Workouts into Exciting Adventures

At Pleyo, we are redefining the gym experience. Our cutting-edge Exergaming technology blends fitness with fun, creating a unique environment that keeps gym-goers coming back for more. By integrating interactive and enjoyable workouts, we help gyms across the globe to not only retain members but also attract new ones. Our solutions are designed to cater to a wide range of fitness levels, making sure everyone, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, finds joy and challenge in their workouts
Immersive Gaming Quality

Immersive Fitness Adventures

Pleyo brings gaming to life with immersive, photo-realistic experiences. Easy to start but challenging to master, our games suit all skill levels. Discover an ever-expanding catalog that keeps workouts fresh and engaging.
Adaptive Fitness Fun

Workout For Everyone

Pleyo's mini-trampoline offers a low-impact, high-intensity workout ideal for every fitness level. Enhanced by game difficulty that adjusts in real-time to the player's performance, it ensures an engaging and appropriate challenge for each individual. Pleyo makes fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone in your gym community.
Seamless Gym Integration

Empower Your Gym

With PleyoHub, manage and maximize your gym's potential effortlessly. From organizing exciting competitions to showcasing achievements on leaderboards, PleyoHub brings a new level of engagement to your fitness facility, enhancing both member satisfaction and operational efficiency.
product features

Discover tons of features

Flexible Pricing
Allows for adaptable pricing strategies through PleyoHub.
Your Command Center
Manage operations effortlessly through the cloud-based PleyoHub.
Multi-Location Ready
Organize competitions across unlimited multiple locations in real-time.
Branding Potential
Provides affordable options for branding customization, aimed at making a positive impact.
Custom Activation Forms
Design personalized forms through PleyoHub to collect user data with consent and to grow your community engment
Profitable Business Model
Generates group attraction revenue but operates at individual machine costs.
Efficient operation with crowd-pleasing entertainment.
Score Big, Brag Bigger
Syncs with PleyoBoard for real-time scores and rankings.

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