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Introducing the PleyoStation, your portal to the next level of active play. Seamlessly blending patented technology and groundbreaking design, our platform transforms your mini-trampoline into a state-of-the-art game controller. Get ready for an immersive, social, and utterly captivating gaming journey

Patented Technology

Unlock a new level of active play with patented technology that turns the mini-trampoline into a state-of-the-art game controller

Future-proof System

Equipped with cutting-edge processing and graphics, Pleyo ensures a gaming experience that stays ahead of the curve

Your Turnkey solution
for Immersive Active Gaming

PleyoStation delivers active gaming like you've never seen. A German-made trampoline, 42-inch high-refresh display, and future-proof tech—all in one package. Managed by PleyoHub and scored on PleyoBoard, Where technology meets thrill—welcome to the next level of active play

Compact Design: Space-Saving Brilliance

The PleyoStation fits seamlessly into small spaces and is easy to move. Capable of hosting up to 40 games per hour, it's a space-efficient and portable hub for peak gaming fun.

Health Benefits
in Every Bounce

The PleyoStation incorporates a mini-trampoline that not only elevates your gaming experience but also delivers comprehensive health benefits, from improved cardiovascular function to enhanced balance and coordination.

Easy operation

Easy Operation, Instant Engagement From Start to Finish:

All-Around: From installation to user experience and ongoing maintenance, PleyoStation is built for simplicity.









Thrive in Business, Thrive in Life

Dive deeper to discover why PleyoStation is your ultimate solution for active, social play that's also a business game-changer.

Solo Setup Simplicity

One person can easily handle both the setup and transportation of the PleyoStation, streamlining the entire process.

User Experience

With its intuitive design, PleyoStation makes active play a breeze, providing an uncomplicated, immersive experience.

Small Footprint, Big Impact

Step into a realm of shared thrills with PleyoStation. Designed for community, not just individual fun, its compact footprint is both inviting and operationally efficient. Perfect for friend outings or family gatherings, this dynamic platform delivers up to 40 games per hour—fueling laughter, competition, and revenue alike.

Game for All

Easy to play, challenging to master — fun for everyone.

Competitive by Design:

PleyoGames boosts skills and engagement with a scoring system that turns every game into a competitive thrill.

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