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Plug, Play, Profit : Setting Up Your PleyoStation Is a Breeze

Experience the simplicity of setting up PleyoStation, your key to multiplayer trampoline games that thrill. This plug-and-play marvel lowers operational costs and supercharges your event's impact. Quickly configure multiplayer competitions, tailor it with your brand activation strategies, and deliver a memorable, crowd-pleasing experience. Ready to discover what makes PleyoStation a game-changer for your events?
Always fresh

Energize Your Events with PleyoGames: Captivating Players and Spectators Alike

PleyoGames, tailor-made for PleyoStation, offers single-trampoline multiplayer gaming that engages players and spectators alike. Our expanding game catalog with real-time difficulty adjustments ensures a continually fresh and addictive event experience.
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Your Brand, Your Way

PleyoStation offers opportunities for branding customization. Make the system your own by incorporating your brand elements seamlessly. It's a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that your unique brand identity shines through.
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Unleash  Cross-Location Competitions and Unlock Data Insights:  

Ignite inter-location competitions and allow players from various spots to compete on one leaderboard. Plus, utilize PleyoHub's customizable data collection features to gain meaningful insights while respecting user privacy.

A Universe of Options

Tailor-Made Competitions

PleyoHub offers an extensive suite of customization options, from naming competitions to picking games and setting session lengths. Every competition can be fine-tuned to match the specific requirements and preferences of your event.
Real-Time Rankings, Anytime, Anywhere

Keep the competitive spirit alive well beyond the game session with PleyoBoard's real-time, mobile-accessible leaderboards. Attendees can effortlessly check their standings, encouraging them to come back and compete for the top spot.
Enhance Team Spirit with Collective Scoring

Activate team mode via PleyoHub to display both individual and team scores. This feature fosters camaraderie and teamwork, enriching the overall gaming experience.
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Discover tons of features

Flexible Pricing
Allows for adaptable pricing strategies through PleyoHub.
Your Command Center
Manage operations effortlessly through the cloud-based PleyoHub.
Multi-Location Ready
Organize competitions across unlimited multiple locations in real-time.
Branding Potential
Provides affordable options for branding customization, aimed at making a positive impact.
Custom Activation Forms
Design personalized forms through PleyoHub to collect user data with consent and to grow your community engment
Profitable Business Model
Generates group attraction revenue but operates at individual machine costs.
Efficient operation with crowd-pleasing entertainment.
Score Big, Brag Bigger
Syncs with PleyoBoard for real-time scores and rankings.

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