How Is Exergaming Impacting The Gaming Stereotypes

Cyrus Campbell
Cyrus Campbell
UX/UI Designer
In this blog, I'm taking you through how exergaming is changing the perception of gamers and gaming.
How Is Exergaming Impacting The Gaming Stereotypes

As a lifelong gamer, I've often found myself cornered by the typical stereotype: lounging for hours, controller in hand, with little regard for physical activity. But the emergence of exergaming has started to rewrite this narrative.

My Discovery of Exergaming

I knew of the concept "Exergaming", but I had never given it much attention until recently. I started working for Pleyo, a company based in Caen, Normandy who had given itself the mission of reinventing physical exercise by making it more fun and accessible to all. We do this by using patented technology which turns a mini-trampoline into an advanced game controller, offering an interactive and immersive experience like no other. Take a look at the video and see it in action :

Being Inspired by Virtual Worlds

One of the coolest things about exergaming in my opinion is how it’s embraced Virtual Reality (VR). Picture this: you're in your living room, but with your VR headset, you're suddenly in the middle of a buzzing arena, boxing to the roar of an enthusiastic crowd. Or perhaps you're on a tranquil mountain top, flowing through yoga poses. That's the magic VR brings to exergaming – transforming any space into an extraordinary, immersive experience.

When I play in these virtual worlds, I sweat, I get tired and I have a great laugh with my friends. If that doesn't shift peoples opinions of gamers I don't know what will...

My Take Away

If you are thinking about dipping your toe into exergaming, here’s how i'd get started:

  1. Find Your Favorite: What gets you moving? Dancing, running or maybe yoga? Pick a game that sounds fun to you.
  2. Gear Up: Do a bit of research to find the best gaming console and VR equipment that fits your budget.
  3. Make It a Habit: Try to weave exergaming into your daily or weekly routine.
  4. Join the Community: There are tons of online groups where exergamers share tips, motivate each other, and celebrate their wins. You can also keep checking in out our blog page for the latest news and tips.

The Bottom Line

Exergaming isn’t just a passing fad – it’s a revolution at the intersection of gaming and fitness. It’s for anyone who loves games or anyone looking to spice up their workout routine. Exergaming invites us all to play differently, play actively. I will certainly be writing more on the topic, stay tuned for updates.

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