a plug and play solution

Small Footprint, Big Impact

Experience the thrill of PleyoStation: where every bounce on our mini-trampoline isn't just fun—it's a leap towards better health. Combine the exhilaration of weightless jumps with interactive, on-screen gaming for a unique blend of joy, excitement, and well-being. Ready for an entertainment revolution?
Reimagine fun

Take out-of-home to the next level of Fun

Elevate out-of-home fun with PleyoStation's immersive and social experience. Seamlessly merging mini-trampoline thrills with interactive gaming, it engages players and captivates spectators.
made for Friends

Experience Unmatched interactive Group Fun

Designed for Friends and Families, PleyoStation Delivers Active, Social Play in a Compact Footprint—Maximizing Enjoyment and Revenue.
Always fresh

Never-Ending Excitement

Your PleyoStation experience is ever-evolving. With new games added frequently, each visit feels like the first. Seamlessly manage your game options, competitions, and leaderboards from the all-encompassing PleyoHub.

Your theme,Your Brand

PleyoStation Offers Customizable Experiences to Reflect Your Unique Style While Delivering Active, Social Play.
A complete SOLUTION

The Epicenter of eSport and Social Experience

The PleyoStation is not just a game station; it's a social hub for eSports and competitive fun. Designed for one-player action but built to accommodate the spirit of group activities, it becomes the life of the party, event, or venue.
Plug & Play Profitability Experience

Integrating effortlessly into both events and Location-Based Entertainment settings, the PleyoStation, paired with PleyoHub's dynamic ticketing system, amplifies your entertainment offering and drives profitability. It's a smart investment that promises quick returns and enhances your bottom line
Invest in the Future, Play in the Now

With cutting-edge hardware and evolving software, the PleyoStation is your future-proof investment in the fast-paced location based entertainment industry. Powered by PleyoHub, and new games your setup will always stay updated, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.
product features

Discover tons of features

Manage championships to foster competition and excitement.
Designed for teens and aults
Engaging Teens and Young Adults
Solo Setup Simplicity
Designed for easy transport, installation, and operation.
Compact Design
A 4 SQM footprint allows for easy setup and portability.
Modular Setup
Tailor the PleyoStation to your space requirements.
High Capacity per Hour
Accommodates up to 45 games every hour.
Immersive Gaming
Enhances the trampoline with an interactive and immersive on-screen gaming experience.
Teams Competition
Team mode allows for both individual and team scores.

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I couldn't be any happier. Highly recommended!

Marcus W.

Great template and custom service!

Jessy K.
Front-End Developer