Pleyo Station Multiplayer+

Even more players, even more expansion capacity, at a fraction of the cost

As its name suggests, the PleyoStation M+ Multiplayer model expands the experience to more players – increasing capacity and social engagement at a much lower cost, while keeping the PleyoStation single-player capability and all the spectator features that go with it. So you still get the same display configuration, real-time online leaderboard, event and competition platform. The main difference with Multiplayer is that there are two different configurations to choose from. It also offers up to seven extra players, along with additional real-time, instantaneous competitive games.


Awesome augmented reality


By adding a high-quality, 3-4m projector, the Multiplayer augments the immersive display. This allows up to 11 additional players to join using their mobile devices, and see themselves leaping over and racing past each other together on the same massive screen.

product features

Why should you consider Pleyostation Multiplayer M+ ?

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Turnkey solution
A complete turnkey solution. Includes hardware, software, and games
Online league management. Real-time leaderboard displays for each tournament, accessible from any smart TV or mobile device. Create and manage team/player profiles
Game motivation system adjusts to players’ skill level, for an enjoyable learning curve. Advanced proprietary movement recognition. Immersive, responsive gameplay experience
Easy to start and then master the moves. Just jumping on a trampoline is intrinsically fun. Physically active game fitted with bungee ropes for softer impact on players’ joints
Easy operation
The admin dashboard operates autonomously. Limited space, no problem. Simple Plug & Play operation for 12+ years old. Pressing Start begins a jumping game that lasts 1-2 minutes. Low maintenance, low costs and remote support
Designed for business
Ticketing and dynamic pricing. Recorded data means better decisions. Reports and operation metrics. High ROI. Manage your events and B-party every month/week/day. Effective ‘wellbeing’ CSR tool for companies
Designed for friends and family with teens
Keep everyone and their guests happy. Leverage affinity with schools, universities and city councils. Run your tournaments using our bracket system. Games to suit all ages and abilities
Location-based entertainment
Bring the power of multiplayer party games to wherever you’re located. Provide an unforgettable social gaming experience
product details

Specification title

Great looks are just the start. PleyoStation M&M+ Multiplayer is packed with patent-pending technology and high quality components – all manufactured in France.

PleyoStation M Specifications :

  • Power-full gaming PC - Equipped with future-proofed features & Supports high-level graphics and more demanding games

  • 42" Display - High refresh rate monitor & Best responsive game experience

  • 10" tablet - Control and personalization for every game experience & Fully digital ticketing – choose the QR code or NFC payment system

  • Trampoline - German-made,top-class mini-trampoline Robust, high-quality breathable mat, stretched with bungee ropes, attached to apowder-coated steel frame

  • Cover - High-density, protective foam covers & Made from durable, water and sweat-resistant fabric

  • Stand - Aluminium light widget & Adjustable display stand

  • Pleyo tech box and sensors base - 5+1 sensors that combine two different sensing technology & The best recognition and responsiveness rate

  • Ultrashort throw projector - High refresh rate gaming projector & Augmented, immersive game that can reach up to 11 players – projected ontoone screen

Always fresh, always engaging new game every 3 months

From distant galaxies to futuristic, subterranean worlds and heart-pumping jungle adventures. Take your pick from the latest all-action, all-immersive games that will keep customers coming back again and again, such as…
More features

The Experiences Features

All the power of Pleyostation now with X6 the capacity and X 6 the social engagement and fun.

Warning : highly social and addictive

All the power of PleyoStation with x7 multiplayer capacity

PleyoStation Multiplayer games are social occasionswith instant appeal. Similar to popular sports, but easy for everyone toparticipate in and enjoy. Players and spectators get to discuss scores, tipsand tricks – cheering, teasing and celebrating every shared moment.


When you organize events and championships, the buzz continues long after they leave your location – and keeps players returning to reclaim (or improve) their leaderboard position.

Grows your business

Bring in new customers from your existing community

For everyone who visits your park or center, PleyoStation offers unbeatable entertainment value. Perfect for birthday parties, community get-togethers and team-building events. Just one PleyoStation competition can engage up to seven players instantly – that’s an incredible 165 players capacity per hour.

A model of flexibility

Our dynamic system adjusts to your business needs

In our industry, no two days are ever same – from one season or holiday to the next. There are usually peak and dead hours to anticipate and manage accordingly. PleyoStation comes equipped with a powerful ticketing and admin system to suit your business, that works around every event, every minute of the day and night.

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